Located in the western coast of Africa and crossed by the equator, Gabon is one of the best kept secrets of Africa. 85% of its territory is covered by forest and Almost 12% is protected land; the second highest in the world aDer Costa Rica. A network of 13 NaIonal Parks and 20 marine reserves was recently created together with ecotourism faciliIes ranging from luxury camps to amazing camp sites to enjoy its unparalleled marine and terrestrial wonders as well as its amazing culture and tradiIons.

One sees MaMisoba(MaMighoba) with the heart’s sight
So : In Buenze or on Nzimbe,
In Mandaka or Gheliba,
That is where we will tell you how the rebirthed kid Ngenza
Came and became quite MaMisoba.

Tsengué Dibadi