Gabon Untouched NGO works together with the indigenous communities , local authorities and other private entities to develop comprehensive projects around Gabon including conservation initiatives, people empowerment and health & education aimed towards sustainable development.


Moukalaba Doudou NP – Ngounie

Doussala is located at the entrance of Moukalaba Doudou National Park. One of the places with highest concentration of great apes in the world. Gabon Untouched activities include:

  • Finance IRET Gorilla research

  • Reopening of Dispensary

  • Reopening of primary school

  • Provide Environmental and English education

  • Development of Community Ecotourism


Loango NP – Ogooue Maritim

Sette Cama is located in the southern entrance of Loango National Park. A unique ecosystem where elephant and hippo visit its pristine beaches.

  • Beach cleaning Initiative

  • Marine turtle conservation project

  • Give Support to Dispensary

  • Give support to primary school

  • Ensure education in conservation and English

  • Support the local Ecotourist association



Gabon Untouched is partnering with Name Recycling & Ebando NGO for the collection and recycling of plastic waste and to while increasing local awareness.

Conservation & Sustainable developement is now more important than ever.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in contributing to partially finance specific sustainable development projects :

  • Nutrition and first aid health

  • Construction of dispensaries

  • Construction of schools

  • Conservation projects

  • Community ecotourism

The main goal of our expeditions is conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development of local communities. For more info please contact :