Over the years, Ebando has formed good relationships with a number of Nganga’s and Nimas from different traditions within the Bwiti. These include practitioners of various Dissumba, Misokko and Fang rites, each of whom are specialists in their areas. Ebando offers a consultation service with these healers, should there be something specific that you may need outside of an initiation with us.

Stephanie “Djedje” Moussounda

Mama Djedje is 59 years old and a mother of 6 children. Since 1988 she has been a traditional doctor, who specializes in schizophrenia, eye diseases, sterility and diabetes. She is an empress and initiator to the Mboumai Yanou ritual (Abiale Mone Mur), which is associated with traditional Bwiti initiation, and was recently appointed the President of the Traditional Practitioners Association in Gabon. She lives and works at her therapeutic center, Foundation Djedje Stephanie Moussounda, in Libreville.

Ndongho Maviso

(Samuel Meyo-Menguema-Minko)

Ndongho is 75 years old and was an officer in the Gabonese army before becoming a fireman. He was initiated in 1963 into the Dissumba Fang tradition and has been working as a Nganga and now Nima in the Fang tradition for many years. He is a true living library and legend in the Dissumba Fang tradition. He has collaborated in writing various articles over a 20 year period with Stanislas Stanislas Swiderski about the Bwiti tradition, sharing the history, philosophy, liturgy, sacred art, and spirituality of the tradition. He has attended various conferences representing the Bwiti tradition and has been instrumental in having Iboga recognized as part of Gabon’s cultural heritage through consulting with the local and international governments.

Geneviève Medang

Aka / Mama Maîngo (Water)

Geneviève Medang Aka / Maîngo (Water) was born in 1963. She has 3 biological children. She was introduced to Maboundi du Bwiti Ngondet at the age of 28. Today, she is a Spiritual Mother & Healer and has, herself, initiated 10 Spiritual Children, both African and Western. The teaching that she takes from Bwiti is respect for the disposition of things, for example, the accompanying role of women with men in life. She is happy that the Bwiti has brought her stability and well-being. She now has a calmer judgment of life events.

Mambongo Hilarion Kassa Moussavou

Mambongo is 53 years old and was initiated into the Mioba Bwiti at the age of 19 by Mr Nzouba Masela. A few years later he was initiated into the Ngonde na Dipuma by Mr. Musavu Aka Desayo. He is currently based on the outskirts of Libreville and is a wellrespected Nima and teacher, specializing in skin diseases, sexually transmitted disease, kidney issues and removing curses. He has 53 ‘spiritual children,’ 13 ‘blood children,’ and 13 grandchildren. He is in the process of realizing his dream to create a village outside of Libreville and working with Blessings of the Forest to plant iboga and provide a regenerative life for himself and the future generations.

Mama Aline

Opounga (the Wind)

Mama Aline was born in 1977 in Mouila, Gabon. Apart from her academic studies, she has been interested in traditional Gabonese medicine from her early childhood. She was introduced to Bwiti by healings from her spiritual mother before being properly initiated, and later went through Elombo, Mboumba Yano, Mabouni and Elogho initiations before becoming a spiritual mother herself.


Dipanda born in Mokidi, near Yetsu, Gabon, around 1945, he thinks. He is the spiritual leader of the community of the Vungu people of the Bwiti in Libreville estuary. He is Tsogo and works in the Dissumba Muruna Mata tradition- the Dissumba of elevation – He loves  working with fire, symbolizing a warrior of the eternal fight between light and darkness. He says that working with fire has taught and given him grace.

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