14 Days Initiation

Fees for a residence with initiation: 3,300 €

500 €

Breakfast: bread, butter, jam, egg, flakes, fruits, coffee, tea
Lunch and Dinner: traditional and seasonal dishes Fruits by season, drinking water from the tap Electricity, water and wifi 100 €


100 €

– Airport arrival and departure
– Participation to crew’s travelling expenses
– Travelling in the Forest for medical purposes
– Vehicle use for shopping

Crew’s service (Per person x 7 persons) 1.000 €

Crew’s catering (4.5 € per person x 10 persons) 450 €

Tatayo’s benefit

600 €

Initiation night

550 €

– Essential equipment purchase
– Bois Sacré (Holy iboga)
– Nganga and Maboundi’s salaries

Outgoing evening gathering

600 €

– Essential equipment purchase (Bissiemou / Bissembe)
– Nganga and Maboundi’s salaries (outside contributors)


We have three double beds guest rooms and options for sleeping in tents, an open-air recreational room, kitchen and dining room, and a garden. We are facing the beach so you can enjoy the sunset over the Atlantic ocean.


very secure place, beach access, housewife, clean and quality kitchen, washing machine, many key meetings, regular activities, advice, library.
Room per day and per person 45 €

(Ventilated or climate rooms are subject to availability)

What’s Included

14 nights accommodation
3 Ceremonies (Forest, Death, Rebirth)
Smoke bath
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Airpot transfer

What’s Not Included

Flight Tickets
Other activities and day tours
Personal expenses
Travel insurance

Private Group Initiation

We realize that the cost of a stay is substantial, and this is the reason why we do not do individual initiations any more. We would suggest that you organize a group stay, ideally in group of three people. Please note session dates below et contact us for an eventual reservation.

Accommodation for accompanying or simple visitors:


per day and per person: 45 €


1 per day: 12 €
2 per day: 24 €
Full breakfast: 8 €

Initiation Schedule 2022

January 10-24th

February 14-28th

March 14-28th

April 11-25th

May 9-23rd

June 13-27th

July 11-25th

August 14th-28th

September 12-26th

October 10-24th

November 14-28th

December 12-26th


Venue Highlights

Our 1 hectare venue includes a spacious garden, fruit trees, lots of music and art. We are located 15 min north of the airport of Libreville in a very beautiful and quiet place facing the ocean. Our big outdoor area is available for activities such as yoga and meditation, dance, ceremonies, art exhibitions, meetings and events.

Wake up each morning to bird songs, step outside and enjoy the surrounding. Welcome the sunny day in the garden or at the beach with some deep breaths of fresh air that smells like the sea, sheltered by large shade-giving palm trees. Stroll peacefully trough the garden and pick juicy organic mangoes for your breakfast. Be surrounded by openminded and warm-hearted people.