Vision and Mission

Ebando is dedicated to improving the lives of Gabonese citizens as well many people all over the world. We make this possible by offering an easy access to come to Gabon for initiations and for Eco-toursim.

About Us


EBANDO – “Association for Nature, Culture and Future” is a NGO located in Libreville which helps to give broader access to the cultural heritage found in Gabon. Operating for 40 years, the organization helps fight against poverty and prejudice by promoting traditional activities through a socio-cultural approach. We seek to transmit the traditional knowledge and practices including philosophy, art and crafts, and the healing skills of the Bantu and Pygmy peoples from the Ogooué basin region. EBANDO provides a meeting point for people with a passion for African and universal culture and offers initiation into
Bwiti as well as rites including usage of sacred wood Iboga and ancient practicesincluding knowledge of plants, rituals and healing. A medical test and a complete application form is mandatory for the safety of all applicants.